Suika2 Visual Novel Engine
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About Suika2

Suika2 is a portable visual novel game engine that runs on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.
You can produce impressive visual novels using Suika2 - and have fun doing it too!

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  • Simple. You can easily write scripts.
  • Fast. It's a native application.
  • Free. It's an open source project hosted on GitHub.
  • Diverse. You can develop games on Mac.

Suika2 Pro for Creators

New feature!
"Suika2 Pro for Creators" is a visual debugger for Windows and Mac.
Of course it supports English.
Suika2 Pro for Creators English

Web Browser Version

Suika2 Visual Novel Engine
Click to try demo.

You can deploy your game as a Web application using Distribution Kit.
Suika2 supports Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge.
On iPhone/iPad/Android, right click is mapped to two finger tap.


This software is released under the MIT license. You can redistribute this software commercially.


For iPhone, iPad, Android, Linux, FreeBSD and NetBSD, please build from source code.


Release Notes


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History of Suika Series

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