Suika2 - Visual Novel Authoring Tool

Suika2 is a development tool to create visual novels for various platforms.

What is Suika2?

Suika2 is a portable visual novel game engine that runs on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. You can produce impressive visual novels using Suika2 - and have fun doing it too!



  • Comes with lightweight yet powerful development tools (For Windows/macOS/Linux)
  • Ideal for an introduction to free games and indie game development
  • One-click export for Android/iOS apps
  • One-click export for Steam distribution (multilingual by default)
  • Multi-platform deployment for monetization (zero engine usage fees)
  • Can shift from indie production to commercial production
  • MIT license so you don't have to worry about usage fees when monetizing
  • Just follow our easy tutorial and you will be up!
  • Full-scale development tools supports from debugging to publishing for high work efficiency
  • Light and stable operation for players; A great work should have a great feel!

What kind of environment does Suika2 work on?

Suika2 is multi-platform compatible.
The following apps can be created:

It is an unofficial port at the moment, but it has worked on Nintendo Switch.
For an official port, we need to apply to Nintendo not only for the engine, but also for a work itself. If you are interested in porting your work, please contact us.

Recommended for the following developers

Other benefits include:

App Lineup

Suika2 Pro

Suika2 Pro is a powerful production support tool, bundled with Suika2.
Regarding the debugging features, you can see at a glance the line you are executing, double-click to move to a line of your choice, and check the status of variables.
Suika2 Pro also comes with an export function, you can also specify the target OS and export your games. You can export, for example, an installer for Windows, Web data, or even source code for Android/iOS, which can be built with a single click.

Suika2 Pro

Web browser version of Suika2

Games made with Suika2 can be published directly to the web browser.

With image and audio compressions, a game as large as 200 MB can be provided on the Web.
This is ideal for product demos and trial versions, as users on the go can play the game on the spot with their smartphones.

As a specification, all game data is downloaded together at the page display stage. This is not affected by changes in communication quality while playing on a train, etc. On a smartphone/tablet, a two-finger tap has the same effect as a right-click. (the UI is designed without right-clicking)

Android version of Suika2

After exporting with Suika2 Pro, a game made with Suika2 can be built with a single click by opening it in Android Studio provided by Google. If you just want to transfer your game to your own Android phone, no registration or screening is required, and it takes less than 10 minutes.

iOS version of Suika2

After exporting with Suika2 Pro, a game made with Suika2 can be built with a single click by opening it in Xcode provided by Apple. If you just want to transfer your game to your own iOS device, no screening is required, and it takes less than 10 minutes. You can use Test Flight for beta distribution.

Suika2 Kirara

This is a tool to create visual novels with mouse operation.
We have developed this tool in response to the voice of "I can't make a visual novel without using the mouse!"
However, it is difficult to create a long story with a mouse, we do not recommend this tool.
We hope you will move on to Suika2 after you get a feel for it.


Suika2 has a very relaxed license!

A History of the Suika Series


We respond quickly to questions.
We welcome requests for additional features and requests for bug fixes.
Look forward to working with you!

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Who are making Suika2?

Who are using Suika2?


Any of the following will do. Feel free to contact us!

Statement: The World We Aim For

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, software such as Kirikiri/KAG and NScripter led the doujin and commercial visual novel market and helped the industry grow.

However, after the major gaming platform shifted to smartphones in the 2010s, no standard software was created to run visual novels on smartphones.

This was due to the market's observation that light games would be replaced by HTML5 technology. Thus, many of the visual novel engines that emerged in the 2010s were web technologies. However, the future of light games being HTML5-based did not arrive. There are hybrid apps that mix web and native technologies, but HTML5 never became a mainstream game technology. As a result, as of 2023, there is no standard software that can easily bring visual novels to smartphones. Yes, that kind of software is missing.

Suika2 is something that has never existed anywhere before. Namely, it is open source, cross-platform (including smartphones), and runs natively, not on the Web or in Python. Suika2 is the first visual novel engine with these features that can be used for both doujin and commercial purposes.

Suika2 encourages the creation of games by individuals and doujin, and expands the platform on which these works are published, from PC and Web, to smartphones.

Suika2 makes it easy for popular works to generate revenue on smartphone app stores. By establishing a scheme that allows unique creators to generate revenue, Suika2 aims to create a small market that will eventually grow into an industry.

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